Homecoming 2009

The dictionary is full of words. It is how words are used that makes a difference. Words can lift us into heaven or lower us into hell. “Good words anoint a man, ill words kill a man,” wrote John Florio. Words like White Oak Homecoming have a totally different meaning to Roughnecks than they the word does to a Pirate, Lobo, Panther, Bear, or Bulldog. White Oak has come to mean many different thing to different people. I get a very warm feeling around Roughnecks because White Oak is a unique way of life symbolic with the word SUCCESS.

White Oak High School provided the brushes, oils, pigments and the canvas on which Roughnecks have painted their lives as they wanted it to be. You choose your own colors, your own form, design an pattern. White Oak Roughnecks are a book in which you set down your life by the way you live it. You are the principal character, and you have lived your own biography. You have been given the right to be the hero or villain, great or mediocre.

White Oak has been the stage, and the role you have played in the drama of life has been up to you. The great thing about White Oak is they are like a big sports arena, and the rules are written so everyone has a chance to win. White Oak High School has been the sculptor’s hammer and chisel with which every Roughneck could fashion themselves into the person they wanted to become.

In my opinion White Oak High School has given each and everyone of us the ability to reach higher, think bigger, grow greater and live deeper than anywhere else on earth. Welcome Home Exes !

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