As I sat  at the house Saturday and Sunday, I couldn’t keep from getting anxious about many of you coming back to White Oak High School and Homecoming 2009. My memories of  White Oak traditions in the areas of Academics, Athletics and Fine Arts are so positive.   It is so obvious that each of the graduation classes have passed on a responsibility of  ” Academic Excellence, Pride, and Tradition.” Tomorrow’s memory depends upon today’s impressions. The art of memory is seeking impressions which will enrich your life.  It is the art of remembering what will and forgetting what will hinder.  As I look at the whole process, your memory builds your personality, and your personality builds your character, and your character determines your destiny.  Memory is a record of your personal experiences.  It is a record of trial and error, defeat and success.  Past failures will warn you against repeating them.  Past victories will inspire you to set new marks of achievements.  Through memory you can focus the things you’ve learned in the past on the life you are living today.  Memory is something you create for others.  If you make individuals happy now, you’ll make them happy twenty years from now by the memory of it.  The quality of your life will determine the memories others will have of you.  Memory keeps the past alive; and a good past is a bundle of todays well lived.

Thanks to all White Oak Exes for the memories you have given————————-you have taught us well!

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