Why Roughneck BELIEVE

“I Believe” has been the foundation for the most of my life.  Monday evening, November 9, 2009, I tried to understand why God has been so good to White Oak High School.  The Roughnecks and Ladynecks have enjoyed as much, or more, success as they have ever had.  As I did my devotional Tuesday morning I read several verses that assured me it ok to expect success———————but you better not forget that all of that success is to glorify a higher being.  All that being said, it all comes back for the essense of my life——“I BELIEVE!

All that I have seen, wrote Emerson, “teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen.”  Believing is a daring adventure into the unseen, it is a radiant faith in the unexplored, the undiscovered, the miracles of the future………….I continue to remind every student/athlete/musician—-Roughneck that there in magic in Believing!

Believe!  Engrave these words of the Master in your memory:  “All things are possible in him that believes.”  Believe in the limitless supply of God’s goodness.  The universe is filled with more wonders than you can imagine.  Project a mental picture of your goal in life.  Believing is a creative force that brings the visible out of the invisible.  You must believe to achieve

Believe!  An old Latin proverb reads:  “Believe that you have it and you have it.”  There is a mental magnet within you that attracts to you what you are.  Doubt attracts doubt and faith attracts faith.  Have faith in others and you will inspire them to have faith in you.  Remember—–you may be deceived if you trust to much, but you will live in torment if you do not trust enough!

Believe!  Believe in life’s endurin g values.  Stand up and be counted for the things that count.  Believe that you are big enough to master any problem; that you can handle life.  Believe that you can go on growing now and through all eternity. 

Believe!  The magic of believing is for you.  Where is the man who will save up?  We want a man!  Don’t look so far for this man.  You have him at hand.  This man, it is you, it is I, it is all of us!  It is White Oak High School!